The companies involved in PTI engage in a multitude of energy-related commercial transactions and transact with a variety of market entities, including but not limited to, generation owners, project developers and investors, suppliers of end user customers, utilities, and end user customers.

Benefits of our participation in the market:

  • Competition and Liquidity: We play an important role of increasing competition and liquidity in wholesale electricity markets which ultimately benefits consumers by ensuring competitively determined prices.
  • Transparency, Efficiency, and Reliability: We bring transparency and efficiency into the market and into market prices which benefits consumers. We assist with maintaining reliability of the grid by sending accurate supply and demand signals. In addition, we help ensure efficient allocation of power by sending granular locational signals to the market place. See Wind Power example Exhibit B.
  • Risk Diversity: We bring diverse risk profiles into the market, facilitating greater hedging and risk management opportunities for all market participants.