Wayne Valis has spent 50 plus years in Washington political life, since the age of 18, when he was a volunteer for Senators Strom Thurmond, Richard Russell and Harry F. Byrd. The last 44 years he has worked on the inside, directly, for four Presidents: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and George Bush 41; and on the outside, cooperating with Presidents Carter, Clinton, George Bush 43, Obama, and now Donald Trump. With some, such as Gerald Ford and George Bush Sr., he has played golf. He putted with President Clinton. He lives part of the year in St. Andrews, Scotland, in an 1860 home, an 8 iron shot away from the 18th green of the Old Course. An avid, but mediocre, golfer, Mr. Valis has made 6 holes in one on 3 continents, including one at St. Andrews. He has three-putted on 5 continents.

For 34 years he has been the CEO of Valis Associates, a boutique Government Relations firm with clients such as: the Renewable Fuels Association, Archer Daniels Midland, Exxon Mobil, AT&T, Norfolk Southern Corporation, Association of American Railroads, Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation; prominent labor unions; foreign governments; and free market NGOs. Wayne and his wife Angela also spend time each year in South Carolina and Jamaica.